Episode 56 - S1E6 - Double Identity

We are joined by Jacob Haller of the Love YA Like Crazy Podcast this week. 

We talked a lot about cars this week, and Dawn’s dead grampa’s porn. 

Rachel invites everyone to “come at” her controversial opinion that The Godfather is only so-so, as we stumble our way through pronouncing Italian words in this very Godfathery episode. 

We discuss how desirable a mafia job “Lady Watcher” might be. What are some other cliché mafia assignments that might feel demeaning to receive?

Jacob flouts our episode rating system, and Rachel gives what might be her lowest fashion score yet.

Our next episode is Season 5, Episode 7: Deliver Us From Evil

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 55 - S3E7 - Black and White on Fire

Today’s episode is Black and White on Fire, Season 3 Episode 7

CW: Racism, Violence, Sexism and Language 

Summer Contest!  Final week!

Dawn and Rachel discuss donuts, Rex Manning Day, the complexity of eggs for breakfast, Hamilton and the shade Rachel throws at Dawn and future guest Sarah Ifft Decker’s Chicago visit. Oh let’s not forget Dawn covers her bougie, yet passive K12 education in the intro. Rachel gives a ringing endorsement on while all of us need library cards too.

This episode centers around the Watts Rebellion of 1965. We provide a brief history toward the beginning of the episode. Also the entire subject sadly still feels very 2018.

We do our best to discuss triggering language used in this episode. 

Please know if you have feedback, we’re not experts and welcome you to email us.

Our next episode is Season 1, Episode 6 Double Identity 

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 54 - S3E4 - One Strobe Over the Line

In this episode we are joined by Dave Stone Robb to discuss one of the most important Quantum Leap related issues we’ve yet to come across: when making ramen noodles, what does “too brothy” mean to you?

Sam has leapt into the world of high fashion and daaaamn is he making that white denim work for him. Important lessons we learn include, drugs do not make you young and/or beautiful and don’t splash champagne in a lion’s face - no matter how well trained you think it is.

We have a contest going on! Do you actually *like* the movie Road House?? (Why? It’s so bad, says Rachel.) So you want to win Rachel’s DVD? Mint condition! Only viewed once! Write us a review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes! We will pick our favorite at the end of the month and send you the most roundhouse kickingest movie around.

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 53 - S4E4 - Justice

Today’s episode is Justice, Season 4 episode 4

CW: RACISM, Racial Language, KKK

Summer Contest!  Make sure to listen post ratings for details!!!

Dawn and Rachel give some life updates, including how a child responds to the opening crawl of a Star Wars film she recently saw in theaters; Dawn elects to not bore you with her life and times regarding mulch. 

This episode is equal parts racism and after school special. Spoiler, we immensely dislike 96% of the characters in this episode

We do our best to discuss triggering language used in this episode. Please know if you have feedback, we’re not experts and welcome you to email us.

Our next episode covers Season 3, Episode 4 One Strobe Over the Line

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 52 - S3E5 - The Boogiem*n

This week...are we a Lord of the Rings podcast now? No! But Rachel finally watched the movies so we had to talk about them.

This is one of the spoOkier episodes we've watched, and we learn that both Dawn and Rachel are particularly susceptible to spOokiness.

What is a deacon? We don't know! Returning guest Parker says a few steps below pope?

As expected, Rachel is alone in her strong feelings about which version of The Shining is best (STEVEN WEBER FOR LIFE)

Dawn throws major shade at chiropractors. Major. Shade.

Can someone please tell us the plot of My Blue Heaven? We have literally no idea.

Our next episode covers Season 4, Episode 4 Justice

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 51 - S2E8 - Jimmy

Today we are joined by Jesse Kahat-Taillon of thePearls From My Mompodcast to discuss Season 2, Episode 8 “Jimmy.”

Jesse and her mother both worked with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities so we welcome both of their insights into this thorny episode. It turns out we were possibly overly anxious because it’s mostly a very sweet episode.

Our next episode covers Season 3, Episode 5 The Boogiem*n

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 50 - S3E11 - Runaway

This week we're joined by Susan Ritta to discuss an episode that, frankly, we all hated. 

Dawn came back from CrimeCon basically a detective, but even she couldn't track down Camp Chipmunk. Help her find it! 

We discuss the age old trope of putting a grown man in a striped t-shirt and baseball cap to make him look like a child, and whether or not MAD Magazine has ever done a Shakespeare parody issue. 

Wanna watch a documentary about show chickens? Has Dawn got a recommendation for you! 

We need your help settling this debate: does America still have chimp-themed roadside attractions? Let us know in our Facebook group!

The next episode covers Season 2, Episode 8 Jimmy

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 49 -S4E12 - Running for Honor

In this week’s episode we discuss stained glass, super fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and this super CW episode around homophobia, slurs, sexism and well you get the idea- it’s a hard watch but we did it with our guest Andrew.

Besides a lot of really unfortunate comments from Al, we all take note that the 80s hair is pretty on point in this episode. We’re looking at you Admiral’s daughter. Also Dawn knows nothing about track.

We tried our best to handle the sensitive nature of the topics in this episode and also work through how the show runners didn’t always get it right.

Next episode covers Season 3, Episode 11 Runaway. 

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 48 - S2E5 - Blind Faith

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! Or, if you’re Sam Beckett, you just Leap onto the stage. This week we are once again joined by Katie Redford to discuss Blind Faith. Rachel just can’t get over how bad the guide dog is, while Katie is endlessly delighted by Pete The Cop’s macabre slang terms. Meanwhile, all 3 of us agree that the episode would have been a million percent improved if they’d cut the last 3 minutes.

Does anyone else remember that Helen Thomas sketch Dawn was talking about? Also, did anyone get their hands on that Wounded Jeff Goldblum Funko? For real, we want that. Badly. Should we change our intro theme song to Dawn and Rachel squawking the Quantum Leap theme as chickens? Vote now! Find all Katie’s cool crafts at Brightems around the internet!

Next week’s episode is Season 3 Episode 22 Running for Honor

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 47 - S3E3 - Leap of Faith

Happy birthday Beckett to the Future! One year ago we were way back in 1862 and today we’re 101 years in the future covering Leap of Faith with our first ever Patreon guest Shannon Kelly!

In this week’s episode we discuss haircuts, dog birthdays, the Rocky series, difficulty purchasing tickets to live performances, and how little any us know about Catholicism. Please, anyone from the Philadelphia weigh in on whether Rachel’s joke about the pronunciation of “water” landed at all. She’s been on tenterhooks.

Next week’s episode is Season 2 Episode 5 Blind Faith

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 46 - S4E15 - A Song for the Soul

This week we are joined by Riley Silverman to discuss A Song For The Soul.

We spend more than a little time lamenting how long ago the 90s were. Also, why is Sam such a bad singer in this episode? He has a doctorate in music! And Riley wants to know WHO Sam is talking to in those voiceovers.

We get an appearance from a baby-faced Eric La Salle, which prompts some discussion about how E.R. is responsible for Rachel's irrational helicopter phobia. That show got NUTS.

Can 15 year olds legally sign contracts? Can they really get the head of Decca Records on the phone? Let us know what you think!

Check out Riley's writing on http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/fangrrls and listen to her jokes on the International Waters podcast and her album Intimate Apparel.

Next week’s episode is Season 3 Episode 3 Leap of Faith.  

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 45 - S2E20 - Maybe Baby

Today we are joined by Melissa Meli of the Amateur Detective Club and Blank History Month podcasts to discuss the madcap misadventures of Season 2, Episode 20: Maybe Baby. We're all big fans of Julie Brown's other work so we're excited to find out how good of a writer she and her brother are in the field of episodic 1990's television. 

Meanwhile: stay tuned for another exciting installment of "Dawn Buys a Water-Pik!"

Next week’s episode is Season 4 Episode 15 A Song For The Soul

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 44 - S3E10 - A Little Miracle

We are joined by returning guest Russ Feder, of the Mad About Mad About You podcast.

CW this week for some discussion of suicide, as we have a SECOND episode featuring actor Charles Rocket playing a DIFFERENT CHARACTER than we saw him portray in Leap For Lisa.

This week's ep is quite possibly the new favorite version of A Christmas Carol for all of us, and hands down features one of the best Al outfits ever created.

Did you know that Dawn's grandpa, Red Grey, got to pick his own name? And Russ has an uncle Red Redd! What's everyone's favorite chromatic name? Let us know!

Let's hear everyone's elaborate explanations about how Sam drove across New York City via the Golden Gate Bridge! That's some pretty sloppy stock footage there, Quantum Leap.

Special shoutout to Charles Dickens, who shockingly didn't even get a story credit for this script. You'll make it one day, Charlie. Keep at it.

Next week’s episode is Season 2 Episode 20 Maybe Baby

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 43 - S2E14 - All-Americans

Today we welcome back Ileana Garcia to discuss long sweaters, menudo, shoddy locker room construction, and high school football. In this seemingly misplaced episode Sam leaps into a Mexican-American teenager and seems suspiciously surprised to take in that very long mirror shot.

Al is characteristically gross about cheerleaders, even by 1990’s standards.

Next week’s episode is Season 3, Episode 10 A Little Miracle. 

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 42 - S3E21 - Nuclear Family

We are joined by returning guest Tim Stevens this week to discuss one of the more stressful episodes we've watched to date. If the threat of nuclear was stresses you out as much as it does Dawn, this might not be the episode for you.

We spend a fun diversion fancasting a modern day Quantum Leap, then dive straight into the heavy stuff. Do you think you could get an underground one bedroom apartment put in your back yard for 19 grand or less?

Mad props to Dawn for being the only one of us to realize we were looking at the kid from Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Dead.

And in case anyone was as worried as we were about Sam the Dog, spoiler alert he's totally safe.

Next week's episode is Season 2, Episode 14 All Americans

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 41 - S2E4 - What Price Gloria?

CW: Sexism, Sexual Overtones, Harassment, Suicide Ideation, Transphobia and Sexual Assault

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Dennis Frymire of Fate’s Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast, our RIVAL, I mean companion podcast to discuss Season 2, Episode 4 “What Price, Gloria?”

We had some tricky audio issues and did our best. We apologize. 

Shout out to Christy and her Robocop dick mug, hope you love it!

This has some very cringe-worthy moments, including those around women working in the office, extra material affairs, post-marriage expectations of secretaries- all in all, a very cis-heteronormative perspective weaves throughout this episode. Sam has not mastered the heel—we mean the shoe—and pretty much all men in this episode, including Sam induce some sighs, eyerolls, and anger.

We are part of Ear Trumpet Audio! Check out not only this show, but other great shows on our network.

Next week’s episode is Season 3 Episode 21 Nuclear Family

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 40 - S4E2 - Play Ball

Rachel and Dawn are joined by Jack Cuellar to discuss Play Ball, a baseball episode that really swings for the fences. It tries to do everything at once, and it almost succeeds.

We talk a lot about our Patreon stretch goal to make Rachel watch Roadhouse, because we recorded this *before* we HIT THAT GOAL LAST WEEK! Stay tuned for our Roadhouse bonus episode.

Jack helps open our eyes to the fact that Rachel's boyfriend is basically Al and Dawn's husband is Sam. WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!

The one thing we can all agree emphatically on in this episode is that the pig is completely adorable.

CWs this episode for homophobia, transphobia, racism, and sexism. It's a real doozy.

Next week's episode is Season 2 Episode 4 What Price Gloria?

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 39 - S3E16 - Southern Comforts

CW: Sexual Overtones, Domestic Violence and Prostitution

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Ileana Garcia to discuss Southern Comforts from Season 3, Episode 16. Oh and Pat Richardson from Good Morning Peoria, Episode 34, listened to and liked us. WE are OVER THE MOON!  

Discovery!  We all have poor bladder habits, all the while, dissecting the storied history of the prostitution district in New Orleans and lots of commentary on finishing schools Rachel also uncovers the smizing of prostitution, think virgin, ya’ll. Sam ends up being a champion of rights for this brothel and one main person in particular, Gina, but the whole white savior complex is alive and well.

Even though Rachel doesn’t do research she does have a sound knowledge base on Shriner’s. Apologies for Dawn’s audio, her microphone wasn’t being its best self.

We want to mention we’re now part of a podcast network! Check out not only this show, but other great shows brought to you by Ear Trumpet Audio.

Next week’s episode is Season 4 Episode 2 Play Ball

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 38 - S1E8 - Camikazi Kid

We are joined by Vanessa Riley, of the Square Roots podcast, who is definitely a bigger Quantum Leap fan than Ollie Brady.

This is our second episode featuring Beverly Hills 90210 alumni, but we don't have a music video this time around. It turns out we were pretty much all Team Brandon. Sorry Dylan.

We talk about Grease and the peace corps, and exactly how much clothing is removed in a typical "pantsing." Also, in the old age homes of the future, what nostalgia will take over every "theme" party our grandkids organize for us? Skrillix or Nirvana?

In what may possibly be the worst "celebrity cameo" we've seen to date, Sam teaches a young Michael Jackson how to moonwalk.

Next week's episode is Season 3, Episode 16 Southern Comforts

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 37 - S4E7 - The Wrong Stuff

CW: Vomiting, Animal Cruelty

This week Dawn and Rachel are a duo and up for a discussion is one of the more controversial episodes of Quantum Leap history: The Wrong Stuff. 

Astro-chimp or Chimponaut, please weigh in? All funny jokes aside, this episode really tugged on our heart strings and does a good job on the history of the NASA astro-chimp program. Also, Al is a great look out.

Next week's episode is Season 1 Episode 8 "The Camikazi Kid"

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Dawn Gildenmeister