Episode 21 - S4E22 - A Leap for Lisa

This week Clint from Alcohollywood joins Dawn and Rachel for a discussion that uncovers so many movies Rachel hasn't seen that they simply can't all be listed (note from Rachel: it's Dumb and Dumber and Hocus Pocus. Come at me!) It also turns out Dawn is the only one of the trio with any connection at all to Beverly Hills 90210.

We have two Als in this episode and one Al replacement, for a total of maybe 1.8 Als...? We also learn a few more of the "rules" about how leaping works, but aren't naive enough to think the show will be consistent with them as we keep watching. 

Content Warning: This week's episode deals with topics of sexual assault and violence against women. If you want to miss most of that chat, skip ahead to the ratings (around 1:17 roughly).

This will be relevant later:

Next week's episode is Season 2, Episode 9 "So Help Me God"

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Dawn Gildenmeister