Episode 33 - S4E21 - Stand Up

CW: Graphic Sexual Acts, Sexism/Assault, Mental Health

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by returning guest Eric Hiltner. Rachel talks with so much passion about the Crow film/tv franchise and Dawn covers notable and interesting? cover models for Playgirl. With Eric’s help, we finally put the great turkey freezing/fresh debate to rest.

Also, this episode stars Bob Saget known for his stand-up, but to be honest, he’s more known as the lovable Danny Tanner on Full House… We tried to coin the phrase ’Saget-Head’ if it takes off, it was all us. Does anyone know the punchline to the opening monologue joke or the Breakfast Club joke? Email us, please. There is a fair amount of sexism, but Al has great clothes, we also try to note as much historical stuff as we can.

Apologies, we had some small audio issues on Dawn’s end.

Next week join us for Season 2 , Episode 6, Good Morning, Peoria! 

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Dawn Gildenmeister