Episode 32 - S2E19 - Leaping In Without a Net

CW: Circuses, animal handling/mishandling talk

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Jim Harper. Rachel shares some of her dad stories, complete with a stroll down gifts of years past. Dawn also has the eye opening realization she is her mother when it comes to holiday decorating.

The main character of this episode, Eva, is played by Fabiana Udenio or Anna-Maria from Summer School. Jim has an immense love of the film Summer School. Dawn does as well, but Rachel was terrified of it. 

Rachel gives us a theory on accents and leaping and it truly checks out. We’re not quantum physicists, but we have strong opinions on Sam’s dance belt region, wink. We all really enjoyed this episode and definitely appreciated the rear of Scott Bakula. Sorry Jim.

Next week join us for Season 4, Episode 21, Stand Up

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Dawn Gildenmeister