Episode 41 - S2E4 - What Price Gloria?

CW: Sexism, Sexual Overtones, Harassment, Suicide Ideation, Transphobia and Sexual Assault

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Dennis Frymire of Fate’s Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast, our RIVAL, I mean companion podcast to discuss Season 2, Episode 4 “What Price, Gloria?”

We had some tricky audio issues and did our best. We apologize. 

Shout out to Christy and her Robocop dick mug, hope you love it!

This has some very cringe-worthy moments, including those around women working in the office, extra-marital  affairs, post-marriage expectations of secretaries- all in all, a very cis-heteronormative perspective weaves throughout this episode. Sam has not mastered the heel—we mean the shoe—and pretty much all men in this episode, including Sam induce some sighs, eyerolls, and anger.

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Next week’s episode is Season 3 Episode 21 Nuclear Family

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Dawn Gildenmeister