Episode 48 - S2E5 - Blind Faith

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! Or, if you’re Sam Beckett, you just Leap onto the stage. This week we are once again joined by Katie Redford to discuss Blind Faith. Rachel just can’t get over how bad the guide dog is, while Katie is endlessly delighted by Pete The Cop’s macabre slang terms. Meanwhile, all 3 of us agree that the episode would have been a million percent improved if they’d cut the last 3 minutes.

Does anyone else remember that Helen Thomas sketch Dawn was talking about? Also, did anyone get their hands on that Wounded Jeff Goldblum Funko? For real, we want that. Badly. Should we change our intro theme song to Dawn and Rachel squawking the Quantum Leap theme as chickens? Vote now! Find all Katie’s cool crafts at Brightems around the internet!

Next week’s episode is Season 3 Episode 22 Running for Honor 

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Dawn Gildenmeister