Episode 36 - S2E1 - Honeymoon Express

No guest this week, and Dawn and Rachel discuss Honeymoon Express.
It's the premiere of season 2, and to celebrate we're treated what must surely be the snarkiest senate subcommittee budget hearing that has ever come to order.

Much discussion about how changing history should be giving Al even worse swiss cheese brain than Sam has. How does he remember both timelines?!?

Sam is unsurprisingly very prudish and moralistic about sex, and we get what may be our creepiest villain ever. There's a reason Dawn nicknames him "Psycho Bond"

As a companion to this episode of Quantum Leap, Dawn and Rachel both highly recommend Paul Reubens' character's death scene in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie)
(We promise, this will make sense after you listen)

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 35 - S5E18 - Goodbye Norma Jean

CW: Suicide and Drug Use

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Susan J. E. Ritta, WHO IS AMAZING. We have made to the 1960’s! This episode is Goodbye Norma Jean, Season 5 Episode 18. 

Season 5 really went big on famous icons. Marilyn Monroe, played by a striking look-a-like, holds our gaze during this performance. Fabulous guest Susan coins the Bakula-Boner phrase, which royalties due to her if that takes off.

So Sam after 5 seasons still cannot read people. More importantly all three of us have lengthy dialogue on the sexplotation Marilyn Monroe experienced alive and in legacy. There is a lot of SWF, or Single White Female  nods for those too young for that film reference. Also can we cut the voice over, Sam! We love you but yeesh!

Next week join us for Season 2, Episode 1, Honeymoon Express

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 34 - S2E6 - Good Morning Peoria

This week, Dawn and Rachel are joined this week by Russ Feder from the Mad About Mad About You podcast for a completely spoiler free discussion of The Last Jedi and a spoiler FULL discussion of Good Morning Peoria. 

Topics include how terrible Sam is at charades, whether The Twist was a song before it was a dance, and how on earth this terribly run radio station is still on the air. 

Did Dean Stockwell steal extra cigars from the props department and smuggle them off set in his oversized suits? The world may never know. 

If you love Patricia Richardson aka Home Improvement Mom aka Jill Taylor, you'll love this episode. We sure did.

Next week join us for Season 2, Episode 1, Honeymoon Express

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 33 - S4E21 - Stand Up

CW: Graphic Sexual Acts, Sexism/Assault, Mental Health

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by returning guest Eric Hiltner. Rachel talks with so much passion about the Crow film/tv franchise and Dawn covers notable and interesting? cover models for Playgirl. With Eric’s help, we finally put the great turkey freezing/fresh debate to rest.

Also, this episode stars Bob Saget known for his stand-up, but to be honest, he’s more known as the lovable Danny Tanner on Full House… We tried to coin the phrase ’Saget-Head’ if it takes off, it was all us. Does anyone know the punchline to the opening monologue joke or the Breakfast Club joke? Email us, please. There is a fair amount of sexism, but Al has great clothes, we also try to note as much historical stuff as we can.

Apologies, we had some small audio issues on Dawn’s end.

Next week join us for Season 2 , Episode 6, Good Morning, Peoria!


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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 32 - S2E19 - Leaping In Without a Net

CW: Circuses, animal handling/mishandling talk

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Jim Harper. Rachel shares some of her dad stories, complete with a stroll down gifts of years past. Dawn also has the eye opening realization she is her mother when it comes to holiday decorating.

Jim has an immense love of the film Summer School, Dawn does as well, but Rachel was terrified of it. This relates because the main character of this episode, Eva, is played by Fabiana Udenio or Anna-Maria from Summer School.

Rachel gives us a theory on accents and leaping and it truly checks out. We’re not quantum physicists, but we have strong opinions on Sam’s dance belt region, wink. We all really enjoyed this episode and definitely appreciated the rear of Scott Bakula. Sorry Jim.

Next week join us for Season 4, Episode 21, Stand Up

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 31 - S3E9 - Rebel Without a Clue

CW: Sexual Assault, Rape Overtones and Presumed Abuse

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Ollie Brady of Best Acquaintances. We apologize to our United Kingdom and Ireland listeners, we bought Rachel a map. 

Ollie enlightens us on the science behind washing your face on television and we don’t buy Dillon as a biker, at all. Do you know your helmet and seatbelt laws? We learned them so you don’t have to. A central point of this episode is Jack Kerouac, which Becky has romanticized to the nth degree. We can’t blame her, each generation has that person. 

While the subjects covered are important, the white knight/savior complex causes concern with us during the middle the episode.  Also Ollie makes an astute observation that Kerouac is basically our generation’s Palahniuk.  We did like this episode a lot.

Next week join us for Season 2, Episode 19, Leaping Without A Net.


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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 30 - S5E5 - Killin’ Time

This week we are joined by our second guest who's also a professional baker. Valerie Rogers helps us discuss how one props department can make so many wrong calendars, the history of clown collectible plates, and the pros and cons of Sex World's business model.

If there's one thing everyone can agree on in this episode, it's that outside of science Gooshie is as dumb as a bag of rocks. And that mayyyyybe the GPS in his car knows how to get to Sex World.

Next week's episode is Season 3 Episode 9 "Rebel Without a Clue"

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 29 - S3E6 - Miss Deep South

This week Dawn and Rachel poke fun at each other’s coming of age grunge/goth phases. Rachel can’t believe Dawn hasn’t seen The Crow and we start off right by misquoting Miss Congeniality.

CW: Sexual Harassment, Misogyny and Abuse

We feminine gaze Sam, for not only his calves, but his ability to pull off an Oxford shirt. Not to be outdone by Sam’s great legs and outfits, we still have Al cranking out all the sexism one episode can contain. We give credit to Sam for rightfully shooting down purity questions, all the while Rachel definitely has her strong positive feels on Cuanto Le Gusta, and Dawn discusses seedy muffler shop calendars.

Sam has a fair amount of white knight syndrome, but through the body of woman, which created some progressive scenes in this episode., including a final fight sequence that could have been so much better with one change. Oh, we spend some time learning the cost of film development and how some people will not even know what we’re talking about. Let us not forget the million eye rolls for Jerry Lee Lewis.

Next Week, we discuss Season 5, Episode 5 Killin’ Time.

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 28 - S4E18 - It's a Wonderful Leap

Guest Tim Stevens joins us as we spend far too much time discussing various trips to Target (sponsor us, Target!).

We spend some time debating whether Al is more sexist or more racist in this episode. It's really a toss up. Also, his fashion rating finally start to suffer due to our exhaustion with that DAMN RED JACKET. 

Rachel and Dawn manage to accidentally conflate angels with aliens and ghosts, possibly offending believers in angels or aliens or ghosts. 

Tim helps point out all the ways Quantum Leap screwed up their Donald Trump cameo, which only softens the sting a little. 

Check our social media to see what on earth Dawn was talking about on the back of the Playgirl! Her description was pretty spot on.

Next week's episode is Season 3, Episode 6 "Miss Deep South"

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 27 - S5E12 - A Tale of Two Sweeties

Dawn and Rachel are joined by guest Amy Pascale of Ladies Love Paul Rudd to discuss the episode, A Tale of Two Sweeties, Season 5, episode 12. Dawn’s homework is to watch Grease 2, mini review coming soon. Lots of judgement is passed on the male bigamist and the thirst of the two main female characters, but we also get it? Dawn admires the flamingos used in this episode as well. Can we understand and process ignoring flaws to deal with midcentury relationships?  Rachel really stands her ground on the red outfit hate and Amy is charming as always and her prom dress that is similar to Al’s outfit sounds like our dreams.

Next week’s episode is Season 4, Episode 18 “It’s a Wonderful Leap”

Our apologies for audio issues on this one. We’re not sure why it sounds like Dawn recorded her audio from deep within a well.

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 26 - S4E14 - The Last Gunfighter

For this episode, Dawn and Rachel are joined by Parker to discuss an episode of Quantum Leap that really couldn't seem to remember what time period it was actually set it. 

They develop theories as to why customer service workers are so creepy to Dawn, and we briefly devolve into a Gene Wilder appreciation podcast.

Westward The Women is added to Rachel's unseen movie list, but what she really wants is for someone to make a Brigadoon Purge movie. We get an outfit from Al this week that causes Rachel's Erik to exclaim "He must just be fucking with Sam at this point!"

Next week's episode is Season 5, Episode 12 "A Tale of Two Sweeties"

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 25 - S2E17 - Good Night, Dear Heart

CW: Rape, Assault, Demonization of GLBT sexuality and Graphic Depictions of Murder

Dawn and Rachel are joined by guest Eric Hiltner to discuss the episode "Good Night, Dear Heart" Season 2 Episode 17.  Oh, we answer our guests questions he wrote in from July, better late than never! Sam leaps into a small town coroner/mortician’s body and experiences strange supernatural power of visions among other spooky things. Thing low budget, David Lynch and X-Files had a child.

We discuss The Sims and The Sims fanfic Dawn discovered.  Rachel’s never seen anything made by David Lynch, keg prices that blow Eric’s mind, how we all really want to be stay at home dog parents and hanging up clothes is really hard. Oh! We all agree, Holden Caufield and The Catcher in the Rye sucks.

Next week’s episode is Season 4, Episode 14 “The Last Gunfighter”

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 24 - S3E13 - Future Boy

Dawn and Rachel are joined by guest Nick Carson to discuss the surprisingly meta episode Future Boy.  Sam leaps into the sidekick of a children’s television star who happens to have some bizarre theories about time travel (or are they?)

In the meantime we discuss such wide ranging topics as Lego architecture, used porn, and how often Nick needs to use the wok he received as a wedding gift. 

Also, Rachel and Dawn talk at length about all their various parental issues and why this episode triggered every single one of them. 

We add Get Out to the seeming endless list of movies Rachel HAS to see, and we definitely get "Friday" stuck in your head.


Next week’s episode is Season 2, Episode 17 “Good Night Dear Heart”

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 23 - S5E1 - Lee Harvey Oswald

Content warning: Domestic Abuse and Suicide

This two part story arc covers the life and demise of Lee Harvey Oswald. Why is Sam there? We barely find out and it takes a long time to get there, so instead of splitting into two and leaving you hanging, we’ve combined it into a mega episode! Also, self proclaimed Number 1 fan, Ollie Brady of Best Acquaintances is back. Besides the obvious topics, Rachel puts on her analytical thinking cap regarding brain merging plus we add in some historical facts like the cost of a gun gun factoring in inflation. We’re beginning to think Ollie picks episodes that have the infamous silver jacket in them. 

Next week’s episode Season 3, Episode 13 “Future Boy”

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 22 - S2E9 - So Help Me God

Content warning: Domestic/Sexual Assault and Abuse and Racism

Sam leaps into a Southern racist lawyer defending a black woman who’s experienced a lot of abuse and bigotry. White saviors from the town are plenty, so please heed to the content warning, as this is a hard episode to listen to, BUT, we do spend a good amount of time focusing on the southern gothic-isms of local community theatre Tennessee Williams, talk about how hot the Fox is from Robin Hood and are utterly disgusted with most of the episode. This was a lost episode so stand in guest is Benjamin White, who is still playing a lot of Splatoon 2 and is maybe going to maybe start a podcast himself, maybe. Oh Rachel tells us about her time as a Barbaloot and we discuss southern collaquialisms, which Dawn has a tiny grasp on. Oh and McDonalds McNuggets. Lots of sauce discussion.

Next week’s episode is Season 5, Episode 1 “Lee Harvey Oswald”

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 21 - S4E22 - A Leap for Lisa

This week Clint from Alcohollywood joins Dawn and Rachel for a discussion that uncovers so many movies Rachel hasn't seen that they simply can't all be listed (note from Rachel: it's Dumb and Dumber and Hocus Pocus. Come at me!) It also turns out Dawn is the only one of the trio with any connection at all to Beverly Hills 90210.

We have two Als in this episode and one Al replacement, for a total of maybe 1.8 Als...? We also learn a few more of the "rules" about how leaping works, but aren't naive enough to think the show will be consistent with them as we keep watching. 

Content Warning: This week's episode deals with topics of sexual assault and violence against women. If you want to miss most of that chat, skip ahead to the ratings (around 1:17 roughly).

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 20 - S4E20 - The Curse of Ptah-Hotep

For this episode, Rachel asks a simple question about movie theaters in Chicago and Dawn provides her with an overly comprehensive summary, we apologize. Also, she finally saw Wonder Woman…3 months late. We have a new guest, Parker Bowman of the popular podcast(s) Junk Food Dinner and Pool Party Radio. Rachel shares her utmost disgust for the episode’s behavior toward sarcophagui and we spend a good amount of time questioning why there are so many rugs available at this site and why everyone is dressed like the color of sand. Moreover, we’re all kind of sad that this episode has a lot more illusions to mummies than actual SpoOOky mummies. Enjoy!

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This week's promo is for our guest's show, JunkFoodDinner

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 19 - S4E10 - Unchained

For this episode, we discuss the great hate of Hulu and why do youths of today not know that NBC is a network? Oh! And we have return guest, Ollie Brady of Best Acquaintances as well. Dawn spends a lot of time convincing them that the fictional town is based on a real town in Alabama. Rachel spends a lot of time faking Val Kilmer’s accent in Tombstone; a movie that Ollie reallllllly loves. Lest we not forget, the episode itself is full of a lot of corruption of the criminal justice system and how this is basically a made for tv Cool Hand Luke. Enjoy!

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 18 - S5E16 - Return of the Evil Leaper

In what turned out to be one of the most confusing episodes we've done to date, we discussed what good Transformers are called, why it's only good to be Batman if you're rich, and we say the phrase "chicken race" more than previously thought possible on a single podcast. Also, turns out Rachel hasn't seen "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes", but we can probably file that under least shocking movie she's missed. Special guest, volunteer producer Benjamin White. You can find him playing Splatoon 2 a lot.

Visit our Patreon: http://bit.ly/2wIZfBf

This episode contains outtakes at the end and a MaxFun Prom Promo for NYC, contact us for more information

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Dawn Gildenmeister
Episode 17 - S5E3 - Leaping of the Shrew

This week we have a guest, Helen Herbst LaStar from Falling In Love Montage. We discuss county fairs and how they are now appealing to our age demographic, rom-coms, Brooke Shields ability to play the same Blue Lagoon character in multiple instances, including this episode and strong shoe closet game from the film, Overboard.

Next week's episode is S5E16 "Return of the Evil Leaper"

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Dawn Gildenmeister